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Managing Bottle Neck Capacity Management Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Weekly Discussion - 6
General discussion area: Capacity Planning and Just-in-Time.
Specific Topic for your discussion: managing the bottleneck capacity.
Your posting should help to gain a deeper understanding of the topic.
Special requirements
1 page, single spacing, about 400 words.
*** Your post must summarize the topic in your own words
(with your sources appropriately cited).
If you use any verbatim text, it MUST be placed within quotation marks. ***


Managing Bottle-Neck Capacity
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Managing Bottleneck Capacity
Inventory management is one of the crucial activities in business processes. One of the concepts in inventory management is Just-in-Time. Just-in-Time management refers to a technique that organizations and companies employ to reduce wastage by receiving only the amount of goods needed in the production process. This reduces inventory costs. The methodology has been in use for quite a long period as a response to the scarcity of resources; thus, less wastage (Comviva, 2016). In capacity management, just-in-time enables service providers to plan and also facilitates capacity management. It is unavoidable to talk about capacity management without mentioning bottleneck capacity. In simple terms, as the name suggests, the bottleneck can be viewed as literally the neck of a bottle, which is what lets out the content of the bottle. Usually, no matter the size of a bottle, the amount of fluid a bottle lets out is determined by the size of the bottleneck's opening. The concept is applicable in a management or a system structure in that the system can be regarded as fast as the bottleneck process (Comviva, 2016). Technically, the concept holds in a typical production environment, whether in the manufacturing process or in the office.

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