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Writing Assignemnt About Operations Management (Essay Sample)


this paper was about Operations Management


Operations Management
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A centralized network is defined as an attempt to improve the efficiency by taking advantage of the potential of the economies of scale. However, there is always a need a centralized network in every learning institution or an organization that is growing (Bourne, & Moore, 2014). The Centralized Learning Network Project will, therefore, help in the enhancement of the active centralized learning within an organization. Moreover, the centralized networking will improve the security and efficiency when accessing resources in the library (Kwo, Moore, & Jones, 2015). Thus the data stored in the centralized region will serve all the global, local together with the national clients. Furthermore, the users and all the members will have to save their data on the central server. All the information concerning the user accounts will have to be stored on the primary server of the organization or institution (Bourne, & Moore, 2014).
The organizations with multiple branches are best for the centralized network since the storage of data in the centralized location is manageable (Kwo, Moore, & Jones, 2015). However, the centralized system is the critical element that can enhance efficiency together with consistency of operations within an organization along with the privacy of the personal records in the network. Briar Grove is a learning institution that interest in upgrading its system to a centralized learning network. Accordingly, the organization has plans to offer services to its global, national and local clients via the web (Bourne, & Moore, 2014). The users will be able to access Briar grove’s archives together with the internal library for efficient learning.
The project is aimed to upgrade the Briar grove’s network, create a centralized system that will link the offices of Dallas, TX together with the organizational footprint (Kwo, Moore, & Jones, 2015). However, the project aims at creating a platform that is secure where the workers can access information via a secured network (Bourne, & Moore, 2014). Accordingly, the security system together with an authenticating system will be included in the order so that there is no unauthorized access to the information. Therefore, there will be a progressive surrounding within the institution where all users irrespective of their location will access the internal library together with the archives of the past projects in an efficient manner (Bourne, & Moore, 2014).
There have been several problems in the network of Briar grove network where users were unable to access their accounts together with sending communication from different regions to the institution. Therefore there was no adequate communication along with online services due to lack of the centralized network (Kwo, Moore, & Jones, 2015).
The Objective of the Centralized Learning Networking Project
The principal objective of the centralized network project in Briar grove is to raise the network’s efficiency within the organization (Kwo, Moore, & Jones, 2015). However, the project aims to develop a network platform that is centralized in which the users can have easy access to the materials. The second objective is the enhancement of the security of the network. There will be a secured network that will allow all the workers within the organization to communicate and hence there will be no data redundancy (Bourne, & Moore, 2014). This is so because a centralized network has more privacy than any other system like a decentralized one where data is stored in different sources.
The benefits of the Centralized Learning Networking Project
The significant advantage is that there will be no network related issues within the institution and hence there will be a productive learning atmosphere (Malley, 2016). However, there will also be a better accessibility of the resources from the centralized server within various regions of the institution. There will also be a secure channel where there will be minimal information insecurity hence the communication will be safe (Bourne, & Moore, 2014). The other benefit is that the learners will always study at their comfort from their homes with the implementation of this project. Therefore, by logging in all learning resources will be at users’ disposal (Kwo, Moore, & Jones, 2015).
The other benefit of the project is that there will be minimal expenditures regarding resources storage, maintenance together with data retrieval from various sources. Hence there will be no expenses on file duplications (Bourne, & Moore, 2014).
The Project Requirements
There will be a requirement for both human and material resources for the implementation of the project. The project requires both management and networking skills to be completed (Malley, 2016). However, the team is needed to come up with a beautiful design after gathering all the requirements than implementing the project basing on the deliverables (Bourne, & Moore, 2014). Testing and maintenance should be done after implementation for the enhancement of the system quality. However, the project will be finished within phases, and every aspect will require particular resources together with the scheduled time frame. Accordingly, a centralized system is supposed to be completed in six months and hence funds collectively with proper management in needed (Kwo, Moore, & Jones, 2015).
Risks and Problems that may be encountered
The team members might suffer in case the goals of the project are not well defined and he...
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