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Trust And Boundaries: Innumerable Ethical Dilemmas (Essay Sample)


The task was about identifying ethical dilemmas in a mental agency, the steps an agency can take in monitoring compliance and how I as the manager can search fund sources for my agency. the sample is a thesis of my research.


Trust and Boundaries
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Innumerable ethical dilemmas deliberate operations of different agencies. This discourse will identify ethical dilemmas in a mental agency, steps an agency can take in monitoring compliance and how I can search fund sources for my agency.
Ethical dilemmas in mental health agencies
The primary ethical problem in a psychiatric facility is the lack of mutual understanding between ethical standards guiding mental health professionals and ethical principles governing the business as observed by Golightley and Goemans (2017). They conflict as critics assert that health proficients in the industry are after making money. Besides, informed consent is an ethical dilemma facing mental health agencies as some patients disagree providing their personal information, therefore, sedating the treatment process.
Steps an agency should take in monitoring compliance
To ensure that client records are maintained, treatment outcomes are evaluated and ensuring competency of personnel, five steps can aid this. Brainstorming supports the acquisition of different ideas that are incorporated in report finding as noted by Long (2017). After that, data is acquired and mapped to scrutinize every field of the agency. This is ensued by queuing process in different agency departments, analyzing the compliance report and proffering the scrutiny.
How I can search for agency funds with a proposal
To aid in running agency programs, I will opt for an unsolicited bid to various sponsors and relevant government bodies by distinctly outlining ...
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