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Workplace Diversity Management And Efficient Organizational Flow (Essay Sample)


1) In a 250-300 word response, describe a conflict situation you have experienced in the workplace. Explain the impact that the communication process played in resolving or escalating the conflict? What was the resolution? If positive, how could you incorporate that conflict resolution style in your communications? If a negative result, what recommendation could you make to improve the communication process Use references to support your findings. Respond to at least two of your fellow students' posts with some suggestions or ideas of your own.
2) In a 250-300 word response, relate an organizational example of the use or lack of use of ethical standards in management communications. The example may be from your own workplace or from a business situation with which you are familiar. Support your answer by indicating why you believe it is an example of communicating in an ethical manner and why you believe the decision was made to communicate in the particular manner. Use references to validate your analysis. Respond to at least two of your fellow students' posts by commenting on the examples they have given.

Conflict and disagreement is inherent in any organizational set thus as leaders, conflict resolution is one area in that should be considered in workplace diversity management and efficient organizational flow in terms of procedures and policy formulation and implementation. A conflict situation that I have experienced at the workplace was discrimination based on religion where one employee, based on stereotype used an inappropriate language to another employee which obviously raised temperatures and a brawl ensued.
Many problems are always dude to “a lack of information, poor information, no information, or misinformation (Myatt, 2015).” To a greater extent, it was failure to adhere to organizational policy on communication that escalated this conflict to a physical exchange, and probably one employee did not rely on the guidelines from the chief human resources officer. And then, communication among the colleagues escalated due to informal exchanges which seemed inappropriate in the organizational realm.
As a leader, one thing that I did in this scenario and bring the colleagues into understanding their diversity, different cultural orientations, the organizational culture and the importance of following due process in the process of settling scores instead of brawl. This management intervention solved the conflict at hand. More important is the fact that communication should be an important aspect of the relational and working relationship at the workplace.
It is therefore imperative to note that in addressing the needs for peace and conflict-free organization, the organization needs communication stratagems that are in tandem with the conflict management practices. “These needs necessitate managers to develop conflict management practices that are compatible with their organization’s objectives, existing culture and structure (Oni-Ojo*, Iyiola, & Osibanjo, 2014, p. 82).”
Myatt, M. (2015, December 13). 5 Keys of Dealing with Workplace Conflict. Retrieved March 30, 2018, from /sites/mikemyatt/2012/02/22/5-keys-to-dealing-with-workplace-conflict/#2e564db11e95
Oni-Ojo*, B. E., Iyiola, 0. 0., & Osibanjo, A. O. (2014). Managing Workplace Conflicts in Business Environment: The Role of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). European Journal of Business and Management, 6(36), 74-84. Retrieved from ISSN 2222-1905 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2839 (Online)
Ethical considerations in the organizations are always the key to avoiding organizational malfeasance and other ills that may plague the organization. The ethical policy of the organization is one which should not only be effectively communicated but then the employees must be taught to understand the ethical behaviors and implement them accordingly.
One instance where whence this was done in an organizational set up which I am familiar with, the organization took strides towards ensuring ethical compliance. The organization had an ethical policy, and towards this, there was the ethical comp...
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