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Planning for Change Management Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


This paper focuses on the factors to consider when planning for change, the communication strategies, as well as how to engage all stakeholders during the change management process.


Planning For Change
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Planning for Change
Organizational change in a healthcare facility may impact on different stakeholders of the hospital both positively and negatively. As stated by Have, Have, Huijsmans, and Eng(2015), implementing change is a process that takes considerable amount of time and is quite costly. However, enlisting the support of every stakeholder, and assigning everyone a role in the proposed changes may facilitate the process. This paper focuses on the factors to consider when planning for change, the communication strategies, as well as how to engage all stakeholders during the change management process.
Factors to Consider
Involving stakeholders is always a good idea when planning for change in the organization because they are influential parties in the accomplishment of any strategic objectives (Edwards, Venugopal, Navedo & Ramani, 2017). Some of the factors to consider include the different stakeholders and their respectiveroles.For instance, stake holders may include suppliers for medical equipment, the patients who will use the facility and the investors who are expected to be the primary financiers of the change process. In this respect, stakeholders’ activities and their priorities must be considered.The change agents must formulate a comprehensive communication strategy to help the stakeholders understand the benefits of change and the expected outcomes (Edwards et al., 2017). When change is implemented, there should be a consideration for those who are likely to lose and those who would benefit. Nevertheless, change should be more of a success than failure, so care should be taken to ensure that the process results into the greatest benefit for the greatest number of people. In the case of a healthcare facility, for instance, the ward leader should be engaged as an internal stakeholder because he/she facilitates any new developments in coordination with other practitioners. The community’s cultural values should also be taken into account as they can embrace or resist the proposed changes depending on how they perceive it (Have et al., 2015).

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