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Syrian Refugee Crisis Management Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Syrian refugee crisis
Part 1
A. Establish what is currently being done to address the problem?
B. Describe your opinion on the effectiveness of these programs
Part 2
A. Identify potential opportunities you may recognize in the current environment
B. Develop a conceptual strategy your institution will take to improve the situation
The Sample is a research paper to address the questions for the assignment.


Syrian Refugee Crisis
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
This paper discusses the Syrian refugee crisis, the strategies to address the crisis, potential opportunities in this environment, and the conceptual strategy to improve the situation. The war began in 2011 after the establishment of the dictatorial rule and the excessive use of force by President Bashir Assad. It caused a serious problem among the Syrians, because many people died while others have become refugees both within their country and in foreign nations. Other countries and international organizations have participated in this issue by providing necessary assistance for the displaced Syrians. Many countries provide finances to cater for their needs and also host some of them. Humanitarian aid of such organizations includes the provision of basic needs such as water, food, shelter, clothing, educational and health services, as well as provides some employment opportunities. However, these efforts have not been effective. Many refugees lack necessary products and services due to the inadequate financing and hostilities in their new environment that compels them to engage in degrading and dangerous jobs as well as to move from one nation to the other in order to seek better places to stay. On the other hand, the countries that host them should see the opportunity of attracting both skilled and unskilled labor. The best strategy is to seek a diplomatic and political resolution to the war and to take care of the refugees by increasing funding.
Keywords: Syrian refugee crisis, basic needs, refugees.

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