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The process analysis at Arnold Palmer Hospital (Essay Sample)


Wrirte a two page summary of the video that the link has been provided .
list atleast three references on the paper.
final submission is done on the module section and the deadline is sunday 11;59
The student should do an individual work as the purpose of this assigment is to develop skills of comprehending
assesmen will be done on the basis of unerstanding of the student on the subject matter.


The Analysis at Arnold Palmer Hospital-Management
Student’s name
Instructor’s name
The process analysis at Arnold Palmer Hospital
APH is among the busiest and greatly honored hospitals for medical treatment for both women and children in the United States, with more than 1.6M patients having passed through its doors. The hospital has experienced some challenges and planned to work out on them through various strategies like an improvement on the registration system.
According to (Saulnier,2015), the administration of Arnold palmer hospital should improve on the area related to the spatial organization of the hospital itself. The management should ensure that if the two rooms cannot be moved to fit on the same floor, they are at least brought closer, let's say the Labor and delivery to be on the 3rd, to reduce time and efforts of transferring patients. Caesarian is normally scheduled as an operation and requires pre-registration. The issue of emergency operation, which is probably associated with first pregnancy though not common, should be indicated from the front desk (Fok,2015). After that, it is assumed that the patient will continue as if birth is not about to happen. C-section assumes difficulties when linked to a natural birth; thus, the arrow directly proceeds to yes.2077720349059500
118808555245Enter APH L&D 00Enter APH L&D 163385529972000
1144270445135 Birth00 Birth71183569786500705485692150001968501113790L&D 2nd floor Enumerated and admitted 00L&D 2nd floor Enumerated and admitted 7410451438275002609851596390Baby-born00Baby-born6064251771015001231901954530complications00complications6064252542540001955802744470Mother or baby00Mother or baby5962653263900006064253764280008718553605530ICU00ICU8343903956050NICU00NICU1477010373634000143002041382950018021304027170Baby nursery00Baby nursery18091153494405stable00stable2345690368681000
28428953567430Discharge after a while00Discharge after a while3379470857250Front desk00Front desk392747512280900034480501477010Mother pre-registered?00Mother pre-registered?23234651524635L&D triage 8thfloor 00L&D triage 8thfloor 209486517443450013817601247140Active Labor 00Active Labor 1139190144462500172466021367750012344402469515Contractions not close00Contractions not close1985645283908500
23609303031490Send home00Send home25336502603500Walk around the hospital grounds00Walk around the hospital grounds33889952289810Registration 1st floor00Registration 1st floor2226310280225500391604520046950039947852040255NO00NO32194501475105YES00YES18211802186940NO00NO12630151358265YES00YES19373852977515NO00NO21983702531110YES00YES7169152539365YES00YES22745703490595001200150222758000119951534182050036499802910205Mother-baby care unit00Mother-baby care unit38976303956050Discharge Exit00Discharge Exit206502039014400036353754137025004069715368681000108331022275800012331702409190NO00NO2120265746125Scheduled caesarian?00Scheduled caesarian?258572013830300031965901727835003211830104965500349631019932650027355801366520NO00NO132651510553700086233012357100016338551033145YES00YES016910050026035262191500
Re-designed flowchart with all patients pre-registered
135509046355ENTER APH and L&D00ENTER APH and L&D1850390270510001590040401320ACTIVE LABOR00ACTIVE LABOR0433705L&D 2ND FLOOR(REGISTERED AND ADMITTED) 00L&D 2ND FLOOR(REGISTERED AND ADMITTED) 111569565659000749935722630007943851029335003365501318260COMPLICATIONS00COMPLICATIONS795020173609000795020200723500135318519678650015386051767205STABLE?00STABLE?212153519240500016427452395855DISCHARGE LATER 00DISCHARGE LATER 21786851579880MOTHER–BABY CARE UNIT00MOTHER–BABY CARE UNIT135509022707600014947902179320BABY NURSERY00BABY NURSERY179641521088350012274551524000001846580857885001379220973455CONTRACTIONS00CONTRACTIONS2927985485775L&D TRIAGE 8th FLOOR00L&D TRIAGE 8th FLOOR209296065849500267176344862700230949511645900026142951000125WALK AROUND00WALK AROUND36404551330960SENT HOME00SENT HOME2280285956945Y

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