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Theories of Motivation and Performance: Maple Building Company (Essay Sample)


Motivation and performance
Student Name
Problems that might be Affecting Employee Motivation
The major problem in Maple Building Company is the lack of motivation for the employees. The CEOs thought giving the employees high salaries and benefits were enough motivators for the workers. The president and the CEO expected the company to continue thriving even in their absence. However, that is not the case because most employees seem unmotivated. The lack of motivation became a concern for the CEO and the president when they started thinking of their retirement. Poor work ethic is another problem facing the employees. Poor work ethic makes the employees feel overworked and could bring disunity to the company (Young et al., 2018). The supervisor is supposed to have a strong work ethic but arrives at work late and makes the technicians and construction workers lose motivation.
Theories of Motivation
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs originated from a simple question, "what motivates humans?"

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