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The Tourism Journal Management Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Why do you think experiential travel and niche tourism are growing? Explain why, or why not, and share how you have experienced (or would like to experience) these types of tourism.
Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.


Tourism Unit VI Journal
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Tourism Unit VI Journal
The tourism industry has undergone significant transformation triggered by different factors that revolve around visitor numbers, unique and dynamic visitor needs, and the emerging safety and security issues caused by terrorism across the globe. Similarly, a tourism product includes both tangible and intangible properties which makes it complex to sell. Because of the dynamism, complexity, and uniqueness of touristic products, there are modern types of tourism like niche and experiential travel that have emerged. These contemporary forms of tourism are progressively growing because visitors want to have a new experience away from the conventional tourism products.
For experiential travel, a tourist travels with a specific reason of experiencing and understanding a country, city, or town to connect with its history, culture, religion, and people. Niche tourism highlights on a single facet of traveling. The traveler focuses on a specific topic during the tour. Some of the niche areas include food, wildlife, sports or war. These types of tourism are growing because the contemporary leisure seekers are not only enticed by the destination but they also focus on th

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