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What makes a great HR Hiring Manager? Management Essay (Essay Sample)


I would like to cover employee selection. Both from a virtual hiring perspective, as well as an interpersonal perspective. I would also like to expand on the managerial, leadership, and hiring roles that take place within companies. I plan on looking at the difficulties some HR managers might come in contact with throughout the hiring process. Whether that be from the potential employees, or the staff that is also involved in the hiring process. I will look at what makes a great HR hiring manager and how they utilize their attributes to better themselves and the company.
"Must have a minimum of 6 juried, peer-reviewed sources are required


What Makes a Great HR Hiring Manager?
Author Note
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u What Makes a Great HR Hiring Manager? PAGEREF _Toc24720048 \h 1Abstract PAGEREF _Toc24720049 \h 3Introduction PAGEREF _Toc24720050 \h 4Employee Selection PAGEREF _Toc24720051 \h 5The Virtual Perspective of Employee Selection. PAGEREF _Toc24720052 \h 6The Interpersonal Perspective of Employee Selection. PAGEREF _Toc24720053 \h 6Managerial, Leadership and Hiring Roles that Take Place within a Company PAGEREF _Toc24720054 \h 7Hiring Roles.7Remuneration PAGEREF _Toc24720056 \h 8Difficulties HR Managers Face in the Hiring Process PAGEREF _Toc24720057 \h 8Incomplete Documentation8Reduced Experience PAGEREF _Toc24720060 \h 9Failure of Reporting to Work after the Selection PAGEREF _Toc24720061 \h 9Failure of Employees to Adapt to the Organizational Culture PAGEREF _Toc24720062 \h 9Difficulties from Staff Involved in the Hiring Process.9What Makes a Great HR and How the HR Uses Their Attributes to Better Themselves PAGEREF _Toc24720064 \h 10References PAGEREF _Toc24720065 \h 12
What Makes a Great HR Hiring Manager
Human resources management is an operative style used in managing people in a company, organization or any other place of work. The approach is important because it helps businesses and organizations gain an edge over their competitors. It is designed in a way that enhances employee productivity in the organization's goals and objectives.
This paper is to look into employee selection by using both virtual and interpersonal means. The paper also provides the managerial roles that take place within a company and the challenges that human resource managers face in the process of hiring either with the potential employees or the staff assisting in the hiring process. Employee selection is one of the roles of human resource management. It is the process of evaluating various candidates available for a job position to obtain a candidate who has the desired skills, qualifications, and experience for the job the paper has highlighted how hiring takes place using both virtual and interpersonal methods.

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