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Wildlife Management and Land Use: Deer Population (Essay Sample)


this essay was aimed at demonstrating that spotlighting is a feasible method for surveying deer density in a landscape of private property. essentially, it was found through this paper that There is a potential bias in the density estimates because the spotlighting surveys were limited to
public roads, violating the assumption of DISTANCE that the survey line traverses an area with a random distribution of habitats and land uses.


Wildlife Management and Land Use: Deer Population
Wildlife Management and Land Use: Deer Population
A number of factors can attribute to the amazing deer population in Eastern forests of the United States. These may include; the reduced number of predators likes cougars, wolves along with grizzlies. Other factors may also include the reduced rates of hunting in the eastern forests of the United States (Rustad et al. 2016). It can as well be pointed out that the white-tailed deer spend much of its time grazing on the disturbed habitats forcing it to develop new ways through which they can regulate themselves and lastly, it can be said that the deforestation of the eastern forests of the United States help the deer population to grow beyond control.
It is true that the changes on human activities, changes in the ecosystems as well as the changes in the regulatory laws have made the deer population to grow in the Eastern forests of United States beyond control. Concerning human activities, it can be pointed out that deer has a lot to feed on, particularly the planted vegetation that are found on the edges (Chollet, & Martin, 2012). When it comes to the changes in the ecosystems and the regulatory laws, in the same way livestock can overgraze the grassland, deer on the other hand over-browse trees in the forests. The impacts that deer cause on the forests are not always obvious because they never affect the mature canopies. On the other hand, there are laws that limits hunting of the deer by specifying hunting seasons in the United States (Zhu, Woodall, & Clark, 2018)
Even though some people say that, the deer is a beautiful wild animal and they love seeing them, other have a contrary opinion. In the first case, the cost of protecting young tree seedlings from the deer destruction is amazing, deer cause many accidents on the roads and the farmers are not as ease because of the overwhelming population of the deer (Rustad et al. 2016). Even though they are destructive, sill there is a possible solution to this menace. This can be done effectively by liberalizing laws that limits hunting so that hunting can be made effective to reduc

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