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Finding the Population in the Study (Essay Sample)


In approximately 275 words; Suppose you read a research article in which the study authors stated that they had collected a sample of 150 adolescents from a single city and found that 22 of them reported being in a gang. What is the population being studied here? What additional pieces of information would you need to know about this sample in order to decide whether to trust this finding as truly reflective of that population? What characteristics would the sample need to have in order for it to be trustworthy?


The population studied here is all the adolescent population in the single city, which included those involved in gangs and those who are not involved in any gang activity. The information that I would need about this sample to decide whether I will rust the study finding as correct and genuinely useful on the adolescent population is originality and age. Age is a factor in this study as it is only dealing with adolescents, and a person who is not under this category should not be considered. Another piece of information that would be important is the originality; the adolescent should be from that particular city

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