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Difference between Normal Fruits and Vegetables and GMOs (Essay Sample)


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. Task: Your analysis should answer the following questions:
- What’s wrong or challenging
- How do we improve and fix an implementation of public health nutrition interventions in particularly the UAE?
- What possible solutions that can best add value to public health nutrition?
- How can we develop regional communications strategy and resourses for use in nutrition and health promotion activities.
- How can we promote for an ideal consumption of local foods?
( should we switch to GMOs or stick to regular fruits and veges? are fruits and vegetables getting less healthy due to farming chemicals for cheaper prodcution) ( plus be more to the GMO side)


Difference between Normal Fruits and Vegetables and GMOs
University Affiliation
Difference between Normal Fruits and Vegetables and GMOs
A vegetable is the edible part of a plant and necessarily does not play any role in the reproductive cycle of a plant (Rubin, 2009). On the other hand, a fruit is a seed plant mature ovary that is commonly obtained from a flower. In as much as most fruits and vegetables are simple to classify and distinguish, others still maintain being ambiguous as to whether they are fruits or vegetables. Genetically modified organism comprises both fruits and vegetables but differs with the mode of reproduction for both fruits and vegetables.
Through genetic engineering, scientists can create plants by manipulating the genes in a manner that does not naturally occur. Through nature, these genetically modified organisms may spread and interbreed with natural organisms. The interbreeding may end up contaminating the environment of natural organisms (Parekh, 2004). Several critics have also argued that the masterminds behind GMOs are after financial gain and sometimes mislead consumers. It has also been proven that GMOs are behind certain diseases that directly affect human beings. Genetic engineering equips plant breeders with new methods of developing resistant ranges.
In an attempt to fix public health interventions, the United Arab Emirates should follow other successful nations in dealing with the GMO menace. The government should adopt policies that ensure safe fruits and vegetables for consumption are supplied to the market. For instance, there are no GM vegetables and fruits present in the EU markets and none are intended for direct use. In order to address nutrition challenges, first of all the government should encourage farmers to use an organic mode of farming that is a substitute of GM. Secondly, relevant government agencies should continue educating the public on safe nutrition and the risks of GMOs (Sanderson, 2007). The government should also ensure cheap farming equipment availed for farmers not to go for shortcuts in terms of adopting GMOs.
Public health nutrition has been an advancing field of public health practice and theory for several years. Though, it has only moderately recently been perceived in the perspective of workforce structuring as a strategic approach to capacity building for significant action. The government should establish an organization that would be in charge of healthy public nutrition promotion. The goal of the organization would be to ensure that the public is sensitized about the importance of good nutrition practices.
Technology has indeed taken the entire world by a huge storm. Social platforms have proved that the world can be connected minus physical meeting. Additionally, most people spend much time on social media platforms exchanging ideas and getting connecte...
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