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Earthquakes Essay (Essay Sample)


The essay was about the effects of earthquakes and mitigation measures in developing countries and in developed countries


Earthquakes: the Same Effects but Different Responses
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An earthquake can be described as unexpected movement or tremor of the earth’s crust. This sudden movement occurs naturally below the earth’s surface or at the surface. Man-made explosions, landslides and French nuclear tests are not earthquakes CITATION Rog11 \l 2057 (Rogers, 2011). It is, therefore, a disastrous natural hazard that greatly affects masses in whichever place it occurs in the world.
Majority of Earthquakes are caused by two main reasons. To start with, they can be associated with explosive eruptions in volcanoes; which are very rampant in areas with active volcanic activity, here; they can either proceed or even accompany major eruptions. Secondly, Earthquakes can be initiated by Tectonic activities that are linked with faults and plate margins CITATION Boe10 \l 2057 (Boer, 2010). In the later cause of the earthquake, friction between adjacent tectonic plates or the mantle results in the movements. It occurs when the force between the tectonic plates overpowers the friction force, and these results in severe impacts.
It is important to note that earthquakes effects are harmful and have relatively same effects wherever they occur. Some of them include:
* Damage to structures-the shakes results into massive damage to man-made structures such as roads, buildings, rail, dams, factories and bridges CITATION Rog11 \l 2057 (Rogers, 2011). These results in huge loses of human properties due to intense damages.
* Landslides-the earthquake shocks in mountain and hilly regions result in landslides and their debris fall in settlement areas and transport systems like roads since they are located on the lower slope sections. Falling debris inflict damages on the infrastructures CITATION Boe10 \l 2057 (Boer, 2010).
* Fires and flash floods-due to strong vibrations of severe earthquakes, the electricity lines and buildings experiences strong shakes. These results to severe fires in homes, factories and mines since there is turning of cooking gas, live electric wires contact, mixing of blast kilns, displacement of electrical and fire related appliances CITATION Roo13 \l 2057 (Rooney, 2013).
* Seismic waves generate Tsunamis-it due to the earthquake that measure more than 7 on Richter. The wave travels through the sea and, as a result, causing high sea waves resulting into loss of life and human properties.
* Humans can be seriously affected because earthquakes can result in severe injuries and death.
Undoubtedly, the effects of earthquakes are horrifying; the number deaths, huge damage and disasters like fire and floods are the aftermaths. However, it is quite evident that MEDC's have economic advantages in dealing with these hazards as compared to LEDC's. This advantage can be seen how MEDC's quickly recover from the aftermath of an earthquake CITATION Fuj10 \l 2057 (Fujiwara, 2010).
Two successive quakes hit Nepal near the capital Kathmandu, in April this year, with magnitudes of 7.8 and 7.4 respectively. The effects were devastating because the quake was very deadly CITATION Rog11 \l 2057 (Rogers, 2011). Over eight thousand people died. Structures came crashing down in bricks, major temples, schools and hospitals were destroyed, and the architectural face of the town was wiped when Dharahara tower built in 1832 crushed down. This left the country with the need to rebuilt infrastructures like hospitals, roads and schools.
Conversely, in Los Angeles, the 1994 earthquake had a magnitude o...
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