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Global Environmental Concerns (Essay Sample)


The task was about - Ethical and legal policies that companies must observe to maintain clean environments. This paper 'Environmental Concerns' was based on the concept of ethical practices and laws that companies should take caution in order to maintain environmental friendly production processes.


Global Environmental Issues
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Ethics entails beliefs on the right versus the wrong while values are those things considered to be important (Hartman, 2011). A business has to undertake several obligations to enhance and protect the society in which it functions to be successful. Organizations may exhibit social responsibility towards the natural environment, their stakeholders or through general social welfare (Hartman, 2011). The implementation of this social responsibility can be through ethical compliance, legal compliance or philanthropic giving. In this paper, the primary focus shall be on organization’s social obligation towards the natural environment.
Organizations are under obligations to protect the natural environment. In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency is tasked with regulating environmental issues and legislation. However, in the international sphere, bodies like United Nations Environmental Program are the chief players in this sector. UNEP is aided by local country agencies and other non-profit organizations to achieve its objectives. Despite there being clear set environmental rules and legislation, some organizations have time and again defied them (Hartman, 2011). Defiance of set standards not only exposes humans to hazards and other risks, it also puts the entire ecosystem at stake.
Most businesses have expanded to cover international borders to increase their market share. The growth comes with other challenges that need to be addressed. Multinational companies have a social obligation. They have optimally to utilize their power and control of resources in a beneficial manner. Environmental pollution and ethical issues arise when host country’s environmental regulations are inferior to those in the home nation. Dumping of toxic wastes and other products can open room for pollution if not well addressed. Most multinational organizations have come out as strong protectors of the environment to build their public image and foster relations. However, some have abused their powers and loopholes in the legislation of the host countries to cause environmental pollution (Payne, 1997).
The case study of exporting used batteries to Mexico is an example of how multinational companies can abuse their social obligations. Most of the exporters are middle people in the USA who buy old cells and expose them to Mexico. There is increased concern about lead battery hazards more so from the recycling activities. Countries like Mexico have reported an increase in lead poisoning from such activities. The battery export business seems to employ the Friedman doctrine. The traditions allude that a business’ primary aim is to make a profit as long as it remains within the law regardless of the consequences to society (Hill, 2010).
The companies in Mexico predispose their employees to extremely high and toxic amounts of lead. The lead is absorbed by their bodies and accumulates in their bodies to dangerous levels. In the case provided, the blood samples of one of the workers had double the amount of lead believed to induce mental damage. The illustration is an epitome of abuse of the rights of employees. Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human rights specifies that a person, among other things, needs to work under the right conditions. The conditions provided by these lead recycling companies are clearly not the ideal for the employee (Hill, 2010).
The case study company selected for analysis is Fight Fit Ohio. The company is a service industry that trains martial arts, kickboxing, and self-defense. The business is one that relies on the right environment for the proper instructions for its functions. In an inte...
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