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Task is to Prepare Persuasive Speech on Renewable Energy (Essay Sample)


Persuasive Speech on renewable energy


Persuasive Speech
Institutional Affiliation
Renewable Energy
General Purpose: To persuade
Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience that renewable energy is the most sustainable type of energy, and the future of the energy sector.
Central Idea: In a world where energy requirements are increasing and energy sources diminishing, renewable energy provides an ideal energy source that is health and environmentally friendly, inexhaustible and has vast economic benefits.
First, I will discuss the environmental and health benefits of using renewable energy.
Second, I will discuss renewable energy as an inexhaustible source of energy.
Third, I will discuss the economic benefits that will result from the use of renewable energy.
Body of the presentation
Renewable energy is a source of energy that is friendly to the environment and health. Adopting a reliance on renewable energy will reverse the global warming phenomenon we are currently experiencing. Renewable energy is environmental friendly for several reasons.
First, whereas energy sources such as petroleum lead to carbon emission that is harmful, renewable sources harness the natural elements such as water, the wind and the sun. They do not produce carbon or pollute the air or the environment. Close to a third of the United States and other industrialized nations carbon emissions are a result of electricity production (Energy Information Agency, 2012). The use of renewable energy will, therefore, cut down on these emissions.
Second, natural gas plants, nuclear plants as well as coal are responsible for the emission of gases that are harmful to human and animal health, leading to respiratory problems, cancer, heart complications among others. These heath issues additionally cost governments billions of dollars. Renewable sources of energy including wind and solar do not have any emissions and, therefore, pose no danger to individual’s health (Machol, 2013).
Renewable energy harnesses the natural elements which are not at risk of running out. Whereas coal mines and oil reserves are constantly being depleted, strong winds and the sun are inexhaustible. These natural resources can produce more energy than industries and households need without being depleted.
Additionally, renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and solar panels constantly replenish themselves. This quality makes renewable energy better, compared to exhaustible sources that cannot be replenished once consumed.
Renewable energy has numerous economic benefits. First, while pricing for energy fluctuates due to factors such as political climate, demand and the supply, renewable energy is not prone to such fluctuations. Millions are spent in hedging involved parties from losses due to the uncertainty in energy pricing. Renewable sources have fewer uncertainties and, therefore, no need to hedge against losses. As a result, fewer costs are passed on to the energy consumers. Additionally, having renewable energy sources increases the options available to consumers and, therefore, competitive pricing, which leads to better pricing. Harnessing renewable energy only requires high initial costs for installation the periodic costs for maintenance and upgrading of the technology (Environmental Protection Agency, 2012).
Furthermore, renewable energy will lead to the creation of numerous employment opportunities. Employment opportunities in renewable energy sector range from full-time empl...
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