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Affirming: This essay contends that free will is an illusion Essay (Essay Sample)


Hard Determinists maintain that our lives are the result of a series of causal events from birth to the present and as such the notion of free will is an illusion.
Your essay will argue whether Free Will or Determinism plays the most significant role for a human being.
You must use at least three of them. In addition, you should feel free to locate up to two of your own references.
Blatchford, Robert. “The Delusion of Free Will,” in Not Guilty, Albert and Charles Boni, Inc. New York. 1913. Book Not Guilty by Blatchford Link:;seq=120
O'Connor, Timothy, “Free Will,” The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Summer 2016 Edition), edited by Edward N. Zalta.
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Fischer, John Martin, and Mark Ravizza, eds. Perspectives on Moral Responsibility. Strawson, Peter. “Freedom and Resentment”. Chapter 1. Ithaca; London: Cornell University Press, 1993. Accessed February 5, 2020.
Sartre, Jean-Paul. “Existentialism Is a Humanism.” Translated by Philip Mairet. In Existentialism from Dostoyevsky to Sartre, edited by Walter Kaufman: Meridian Publishing Company, 1956.


Free Will is an Illusion
Free Will is an Illusion
Human actions are influenced by forces that require decision making. Determinism and free will are two opposing sides that tend to explain how human beings make their decisions or act in a certain way. Philosophers over the past decades have debated whether free will or deterministic behaviors affect human beings. This paper will analyze both aspects and come up with a conclusion as to whether free will is an illusion and whether forces beyond people’s control govern their behaviors.
Blatchford uses four factors that influence a person’s decisions or thought: heredity, environment, training, and temperament, to ascertain whether a man’s choice is free, or whether it is just a delusion. He asserts that there exists a cause for every man’s wish that is either caused by the environment or inherited. Every action is preceded by the four things aforementioned. Blatchford suggests that influence plays a very significant role in a man’s decisions or actions.

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