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A Brief Introduction at the Job of Correction Clinical Counselor (Essay Sample)




Assignment 2
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Currently U.S. have approximately above two million individuals behind bars. These individuals incarcerated in correctional facilities needs assistance and coaching to enable them handle the negative past experiences and live a meaningful and fulfilling lives once they are released out of correctional centers. Correctional clinical counsellor is a professional that works with inmates to assist them develop tools they require to live a productive life after they are released from the jail (Elizabeth, 2020). The career trains correctional clinicians to develop expertise skills on how to handle issue affecting inmates.

The career

The career that I would like to pursue is the correctional clinical counselling. This career will enable me to be a professional correctional clinical counsellor, who works with the correctional institutions to assist inmates handle their issues. In addition, correctional clinical counsellor works with inmates closely so that they are able to explore their mental, emotion, and mindset concerns that may contribute to them re-engaging with criminal activities. The correctional clinical counsellor works to ensure that the inmates transform their mindset by training the to find positive responses to the challenges confronting in their lives, hence helping them to avoid engaging in crime once again.

The aim of the correctional clinical counsellor is to help reduce the risk of re-incarceration after the inmates leave correctional facilities. The career entails application of psychological theories that helps correctional clinical counsellor to view inmates as patients. The techniques acquired in the career enables correctional clinical counsellor pinpoint emotions and thoughts that drives a certain pattern of behavior, and assist patients comprehend the link between the thoughts and emotions leading to certain action.

These skills used by correctional clinical counsellor will enable inmates make positive changes to their lives. Similarly, correctional clinical counsellor practically works within incarceration facilities such prison so that they are able to meet inmates and reach out to their goals. Finally, the correctional clinical counsellor may also teach inmates life skills, assess inmates to determine the best counselling or treatment methods, offer job training, meet with family members of the inmates, write reports, manage behavior of the inmates and maintain case files.
Social and economic characteristics of correctional clinical counselling

The type of people correctional clinical counselling employ

Correctional clinical counseling field has considerably changed positively and negatively in the last thirty years. As stated earlier the number of incarcerated individuals have significantly increased over the years. I think working in corrections is a distinct work experience. One positive change that has been experienced in the correctional clinical counseling field is more diverse workforce. Correctional employees come from different races thus promoting employee diversification. However, most correctional clinical counseling employees are white men. Although the number of male employees in correctional clinical counseling field are more, the number of female employees have constantly increased over the years.

The education level required in the U.S. to employ a correctional clinical counseling is a master degree in any psychology field, human services. Although, bachelor

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