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Issues with Juvenile Interrogation (Essay Sample)


Discuss the issues that can arise when law enforcement interview and/or interrogate children. If you could make a change in this process, what would it be and why? Please be sure that you review a real-world case in your answer.


Issues with Juvenile Interrogation
Evidence from numerous juvenile cases shows the youth falsely confess when under duress. The case of Stephanie Crowe, a 14-year-old who admitted to killing his sister when interrogated by investigators, is an example and reveals the issues involved when questioning juveniles (National Geographic, 2009). In most instances, detectives questioning a suspect aim for a confession; hence, the coercion and false confessions (Wigler, 2019). In Haley v. Ohio of 1948, a similar case to Crowe’s, the investigators questioned the suspect for hours without a lawyer or guardian present (Wigler, 2019, p.1425). In both instances, coercive methods used caused the suspect to doubt their memory resulted in an involuntary confession. Indeed, children are susceptible to police pressure as recognized by the court in the case of Haley v. Ohio - It held that “when, as here, a mere child—an easy victim of the law—is before us, special care in scrutinizing the 

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