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Effect of Trauma on social relationship and development Essay (Essay Sample)




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A trauma is any event that can result in threaten death, sexual violence, or injury of a person, a close friend, or a close family member. This condition can damage a person's mind, resulting in more distressing actions that may cause highly overwhelming stress that exceeds an individual's ability to cope or integrate the involved emotions. In childhood development, there are lots of experience which can constitute to trauma. Sexual or physical abuse, for instance, may be highly traumatic for children as their brain develops. In some cases, one-time occurrences like a natural disaster or an accident can also result in children's trauma. Children with this problem grow with very low self-esteem, which affects their development and how such kids have their social interaction and relationship with other people (Lincoln, 2012).
In most cases, trauma incidence is distressing uncontrollable events and leaves a long-lasting imprint on individuals they affect. Individuals who survived trauma always continue to live their normal lives, but the effect of trauma can impact a person's social relationship and development. Every person has a unique experience of life and background, and every person will respond to an incident of trauma in a unique way. This paper will analyze some of the effects of trauma on human beings' development and an individual's social relationship with other people.
Trauma highly affects the brain's normal operation, and it is the brain that controls all the development that occurs in human beings. With the brain's abnormal operation, there will be a poor development of an individual, especially from childhood development. Human beings' brains are designed to perceive, store, process, sense, and act on given information from the internal and external environment. These complex operations and activities operate together for a really overarching purpose. Development of brain for infant as well as early childhood puts key foundations for the future development in such kids. Pathways of Neural always form at a very higher speed, and it depends on the reoccurrence of an action. These experiences will make the brain learn what to anticipate and how it needs to react to them. Thus, if such an experience is traumatic, the pathway that gets the most applications is those who respond to trauma.

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