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Effects of EFMP on the Family and the Careers of Military Members (Essay Sample)


The paper was about the effects of the emfp on the family and careers of military personnel. some of the effects include restrictions as it limits deployment of military personnel in the program to areas where it operates. the paper also discusses on the ways in which families in the EMFP program can be supported. the client also required page numbers which is why they are included in an APA format paper


Effects of EFMP on the Family and the Careers of Military Members
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Effects of EFMP on the Family and the Careers of Military Members
The program limits members from working at their location of choice. According to Meadows et al. (2021, p22), the EFMP program dictates that members cannot get assigned to areas where medical and educational services for special needs families are unavailable or located beyond the set Tricare established services. Due to the travel restrictions, individuals get assignments where they are not comfortable working (Orgeron, 2019). Ultimately, soldiers do not get to advance their careers in areas of choice due to the Tricare restrictions.
Another problem is that the program has efficiency gaps making it difficult to render 

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