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Elizabeth Kubler Ross Grief Stages (Essay Sample)


The paper involved answering two questions based on a provided scenario AND THE elizabeth kubler ross grief stages. The case was as follows: Your friends’ father was just diagnosed with lung cancer. This is the first time your friend has ever experienced a relative who has a terminal illness. Your friend has no idea what to expect.
The questions to answer:
1. What changes in the father’s feelings and behaviours should you tell your friend to anticipate.
2. Use Elizabeth Kubler Ross stages of death and dying and explain to your friend the changes in each stage. List all of the stages and then describe what happens in each stage.


Elizabeth Kubler Ross Grief Stages
Elizabeth Kubler Ross Grief Stages
Question 1
When someone receives news of a serious and chronic illness such as cancer, they are likely to grieve. Grief is different for everyone and sometimes emotionally draining. In this scenario, receiving news of a terminal illness may result in the father experiencing various feelings and portraying undesirable behaviors. The primary feelings that the father may experience are sorrow and sadness. It is normal to feel sad since the disease is terminal and has unfavorable health implications. The father may also portray behaviors of restlessness and lack of sleep. This is because receiving grieving news can result in feelings of anxiety, which might limit him from resting or sleeping well. The father may also find it hard to enjoy his

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