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Forward Chaining and Backward Chaining to Achieve The Behavior Goal (Essay Sample)


For this Discussion, you will identify a behavior in which chaining would be an appropriate intervention technique. You will then apply forward chaining and backward chaining to achieve the same behavior goal.
To Prepare
Review the Learning Resources for this week, including the required weekly media programs, to develop an understanding of chaining.
Identify a behavior for which chaining would be an appropriate intervention technique.
By Day 4 of Week 3
Post an operational definition of the identified target behavior. Provide examples of the behaviors that would be chained using forward chaining and examples that would be chained using backward chaining to reach the same behavior goal.


Forward Chaining and Backward Chaining to Achieve The Behavior Goal
Forward Chaining
The intervention techniques are of a student by the name of Steve to be taught how to dress up independently.
The behavioural technique where chaining can be applied is in teaching Steve how to dress up. Nevertheless, he is able to undress with the help of assisting him with the buttons. There was a suggestion by his school teacher that he learns the forward chaining program so that he learns to dress up all by himself. Together with the parent, the teacher has come up with a task analysis for Steve to use to learn how to dress up by himself. The task analysis also includes what he is already aware of in dressing which is to undress with the help of buttoning the shirt. The parents want him to learn to put on his pants all by himself first.
The following day Steve is assisted in putting on the underwear and then his socks. Then the next morning, the first step begins, which is for him to put on his pants by himself. He is prompted to hold the pants with his own hands, put his leg into one, and do the same process to the other leg. As he puts the foot and the leg into the pants, he is reinforced, and then the adults assist in completing the other process for him. Still, as he begins to do things independently, he starts to complete the first step as he stands up after putting on the pants and fastens the fastener to enhance the chain is complete, and he pulls the zipper up.

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