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How does Technology Hinder or Help in Child Development (Essay Sample)


It was a task on how does technology hinder or Help in child developMent with three keywords self esteem, attention and intelligence to use in the task. It was said to not use in text cItations and minimum 1 reference. It said to do this task in 2 hours in Apa format and Referencing style. It was a great task and I learnt a lot by this


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How does technology use help and/or hinder child development?
The use of social media will affect the mental health of children. Especially self-esteem and body image. It cannot be stressed enough that individuals show their different versions on social media. Revealing who you're and how you feel to other people on the internet. They do not care. They will bully you. They make toxic jokes. Even though you are attempting and be honest, social media won't be the actual platform for you. There would be pressure for children to match themselves with their peers despite their age. We tend to raise queries such as: "Who am I?", "Do I have a variety of followers?", "How much love did I buy for my last post?", How long square measure my snap streaks?" upset young children's minds in an exceedingly negative manner. It makes them restless and creates doubts. Sadly, this situation is worse than ever with children committing suicide. They cause self-harm Technology has contributed hugely to the poor mental state of kids. Research has shown that youngsters who frequently use the web and play video games exhibit mental problems. They show aggression and become sensitive to little things.
Perhaps the foremost often expressed concern about this generation using technology is the loss of attention span. Studies support this issue. A person wrote in scientific research that children nowadays face this issue greatly. Why? indeed, not unlike the adult brain, the kid's brain continues to grow, and as a result, it reacts more to negative and positive aspects of something. Whereas youngsters are exposed to the age of high numbers, their minds may use a web-based approach to thinking - fast scanning and processing some technical things. The developing brain is especially at risk of this. The previous generations could spend more time learning, thinking, or taking part in activities that need attention. The brains of children are exposed to things beyond their comprehension skills. Their little brain can't process all of this. As a result, they have lost proper attention. Smartphones and tablets create problems for kids to pay attention to, and it's obvious for folks to be distracted by the sound of motion photos and notifications.
Technology helps in enhancing a child's intelligence. They will find several instructional and academic activities to boost their mental state. These instructional video games and extraordinary mini-activities will boost memory, interest, skills, and listening for even twenty minutes. Once youngsters learn skills at an early age, they become specialists in modern times. Moreover, it can increase the flexibility to ra

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