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Personality Psychology: Bandura, Freud, and Skinner (Essay Sample)


The topic is personality.
Write a research paper that answers the question: How did individual psychologists impact the discipline of ______ Psychology? First, choose a psychology discipline from the list below. Then, identify three psychologists who have made major contributions to the discipline. They don’t necessarily have to be the top three most influential psychologists in the field, but they
should be big names.
five hours to deadline
use outside credible sources
Introduction (¾ page) : Explain what this area of psychology deals with, using
general background information. At the end of your introduction will be a thesis
statement. Your thesis statement should read: The field of ________Psychology
was greatly influenced by ______, ________, and _________.
● Three-body paragraphs (1 page each): one paragraph for each Psychologist.
Keep biographical information to a minimum, focusing on academic
accomplishments that relate to this field of psychology. Try to include at least 3
accomplishments for each psychologist.
● Conclusion (¼ page): Restate your thesis and end with a quote or a
goal/prediction for the future.
● Reference List in APA format. Minimum of 5 academic references.


Personality Psychology
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Personality Psychology
Human beings are unique beings who present differences in their thoughts, emotions, reactions, and essentially behaviors. No one person has exact similar characteristics to another person; not even twins. Therefore personality psychology is a field of psychology that aims at studying human behavior (Bandura & Hall, 2018). Besides, personality psychology tries to understand the human being as a whole. Personality is a combination of characteristics such as thoughts and feelings which influence how one behaves. For instance, some people are introverts while others are extroverts, some are prone to stress easily while others can cope with stress easily. The above characteristics have been studied by various psychologists using different theories. Personality psychology can be explained from different views such as social learning, biological, traits, and behavioral perspectives. Therefore, many theories are using the above perspectives. Albert Bandura, Sigmund Freud and B.F. Skinner are some of the personality theorists with various accomplishments in the field of personality psychology. 
Albert Bandura
Albert Bandura is a psychologist born in Canada in 1925 and died in 2021 at the age of 95 years. Surprisingly, Bandura enrolled in psychology to pass time but he later developed an interest in the course. He studied at the University of British Columbia where graduated with a bachelor’s of Arts and proceeded to the University of Iowa for his master's and a doctorate in clinical psychology. One of his works is personality psychology is the social-learning theory because he believed that human behavior is affected through learning and observing other people. Modeling is one of the concepts he uses to explain behavior. Modeling is a behavior modification where a person observes behavior and participates in doing the behavior with other people (Schultz & Schultz, 2016). The Bobo doll is one of his research works to explain modeling. The stages of behavior modeling are 

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