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The Positive Impact that Encouragement has on Someone’s Psychology (Essay Sample)


the task was about The Positive Impact that Encouragement has on Someone's Psychology


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The Positive Impact that Encouragement has on Someone’s’ Psychology
Ideally, the impact of encouragement on employees’ psychology cannot by underrated. For instance, the well time and encouragement coming from friends has positive influence on the emotions of the employees will in turn affect the psychology by enabling the person to effectively address the situations like;
* Fear of complex tasks
* Social and psychological anxiety at work
* Stress due to long working hours
* Different types of anger due to work frustrations
* Concentration and reduced cognitive abilities which affect the ability of employees to accomplish tasks on time.
On the same note, the encouragement that comes from the loved ones has impacted positively on the psychology of the employees creates good feelings thereby making it easy to go through difficult situations. This therefore enables people to realize their long term goals and live a better life. On the side, proper encouragement influences the mental function of people (Hu et al., 2018). The better mental activities are realized through motivation as a result of;
* Improved creative thinking in the line of duty
* Enhanced cognitive flexibilities hence enabling employees to handle more tasks
* Improved ability of the brain to process important information therefore employees are capable dealing with complex situations at the workplace.
Statistically, in most of the working environment over 80 percent of the employees who have been taken through the encouragement processes the managers reported with improved cognitive function. This was coupled with enhanced ability to perform most of the tasks especially for those employees who were taken through the encouragement measures by managers and peers right from childhood stage. On the same note, 90 percent of the persons have been able to handle their emotions effectively due to proper encouragement. Over 50 percent of the employees who were being motivated by the managers through training and incentives provision were also found to present with improved ability to deal with stress, handle f

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