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Sensation and Perception Analysis Essay (Essay Sample)


The essay was about how sound travels


Sensation and Perception
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If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Answer yes, because the sound is vibration, and the falling tree makes sound due to vibrations in the air. According to Yantis and Abrams (2014), sensation occurs because of stimulation of the sensory body organ, sensory nerve, and sensory part of the brain, while perception refers to recognizing and interpreting sensory stimuli. An excellent example of sensation is when you walk to a restaurant or food joint place and recognize scent of various foods, but perception involves interpretation of types of foods using scents. Sound produces vibrations transferred through media, that is, water, gas, or air. The vibrations stimulate the sensory body organs, which send signals to the brain to recognize the type of sound. Sound waves are the basis for understanding sound and hearing. Therefore, this paper focuses on sound, sound waves, and how the sense of hearing works.
Moore (2012) defined sound as the term that describes hearing while sound wave passes through a media to the ear while sound waves are changes in pressure produces by different elements. There are various features that distinctive sound and sound waves. Proper characteristics are pitch, intensity, and duration, while in sound waves, the qualities include wavelength, amplitude, velocity, frequency, and period. Pitch is the quality of sound that distinguishes low and high sound. This feature depends on the wave frequency usually measured in Hertzes (Hz). The sound's duration differentiates between long and short sounds, which depend on the length of the waves. Intensity is a feature that tells how loud or soft the sound is. However, this depends on the wave amplitude and the distance of the sound. The categories of sounds are inaudible, audible, low, high, pleasant, unpleasant, and soft. Sound originates from different sources, either natural or artificial. For instance, the sound produced by wind is born, while vehicles and factories are human-made.
Frequency depends on the number of times repeated by the sound pressure wave. It occurs in different common types, medium, and high frequency. The amplitude of a wave is the height of the wave measured from the lowest point to the wave's highest point. Wavelength depends on the distance of the sound wave. Velocity is the distance by which a sound wave travels in a given time. Unlike sound, waves are longitudinal or transverse.
Pickles (2013) defied hearing as the sense of detecting sounds. Sound passes in different steps before interpreted by our sense of hearing. In the first step, sound travels into the ear, which causes the movements in the eardrum, after which vi

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