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Sixth Stage of Erikson’s Stages of Development: Intimacy v. Isolation (Essay Sample)


For this assignment, you need to have at least 2 scholarly references; one must be from an outside source (not the textbook). Please use Google Scholar or the online Library (Do not use Wikipedia, or you will lose points). In-text citations showing what information you pulled from which source should be included in the assignment. References and citations need to be formatted according to APA format. For help with APA formatting, you can use the OWL Purdue Online Writing LabLinks to an external site..
Please address the following in a minimum of 2 paragraphs for each bullet: Define the stage, and give specific details regarding age, characteristics, etc. Give a general outside example of this stage. Reflect and give a personal example of this stage.


The sixth stage of Erikson's Stages of Development: Intimacy v. Isolation
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The sixth stage of Erikson's Stages of Development: Intimacy v. Isolation
Intimacy vs. isolation is the sixth stage of Erikson's stages of psychological development, which occurs immediately after the fifth stage, known as identity vs. role confusion. It is an adulthood stage that occurs when people have a crisis of searching and having the need to look for love in their lives, and it takes place between the ages of 19-40. When an individual becomes an adult, an "emotionally intimate relationship" plays a significant role in developing a person's emotional well-being. According to Gross 2020, "intimacy refers to arguing of having a love and affection relationship while isolation refers to the act of avoiding intimacy." Sexual and romantic relationships become important elements at this stage, but Intimacy becomes central as it becomes more about love and affection.
An individual who successfully solves the crisis at this

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