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The Aspect of Children Development (Essay Sample)


The essay needed me to explore the aspect of children development basing on three videos called Riggio Emelia, Montessori, and High Scope. The analysis showed that children development is vital and educators should observe it frequently since it is the major way that can determine the instructional designs used in classrooms.


The Aspect of Children Development 
The video, Observing Young Children, indicated that childhood assessment is often a process of collecting information concerning children, analyzing the information, and then using it to structure educational activities at a level the target group can know and use it to learn. Further, it revealed that assessment is part of child development as it acts as a crucial part of high-quality, early childhood programs. Importantly, when instructors conduct this practice, they identify the kind of instructional design used. This information can be understood well by reviewing the videos on Riggio Emelia, Montessori, and High Scope.

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