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The Great Sports Myth Epitomizes the Purity of Sport (Essay Sample)


The task involved responding to One of the major challenges faced in sport management: dealing with the influence of the "Great Sports Myth" in contemporary cultures. Explain why this myth should be questioned by giving three (3) examples of how sports have not automatically produced positive consequences for individuals, schools, and communities.


The Great Sports Myth Epitomizes the Purity of Sport
The great sports myth involves the perception that sport generates only good outcomes for all the individuals participating in given sports. The great sports myth epitomizes the purity of sport and associates only positive aspects it induces to the participants and the community (Coakley, 2021, p. 11). However, the perception or the myth is far from the truth as sports sometimes adversely affect participants and society. The following examples show how sports have not automatically produced positive consequences for individuals, schools and communities.
Today, sports do not help define a body as a source of excitement and joy but are perceived as a machine expected to yield vital goals. Therefore, the well-being of athletes is not essential when they get injured. However, their transformation and recovery are more significant because, just as machines, when they break down, they must be repaired to continue functioning. Furthermore, the integrity and value of the human body lose meaning when an athlete suffers injury because their identity and status are altered to demean their stature despite being exemplary athletes.

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