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The Reciprocity between Brain-Behavior Relationships (Essay Sample)


Behavioral neuroscience researchers are interested in studying the relationships between the nervous system and behavior as presented by Dr. Marian Diamond. Summarize the research findings she reported. Discuss why you think that these findings re-shaped how neuroscientists thought about the reciprocity between brain-behavior relationships. How did these findings contribute to our understanding of neuroplasticity?
Locate a scholarly source reporting a different example of how experience can change the brain. Discuss the key findings and why you find them interesting.


The Reciprocity between Brain-Behavior Relationships
DB: Brain and Behavior
The findings of Dr. Marian Diamond changed the previously held scientific beliefs about the brain and scientists realized that their previous beliefs were mistaken. In the short video, Marion presents to her audience the brain-in-a-hat box and they respond to it in awe, owing to the fact that previously not many people had physically seen the brain. She exposes the brain to her students and shows them the major part of the brain such as the cerebrum responsible for higher cognitive processing and the cerebellum which is smaller. Marion presented her findings to her students and suggested five major things which she established to be responsible for a better brain.
Summary of Marion’s Research
Marion’s study of the Brain established that there are five essential items that can be used to improve the human brain. The five essentials necessary to make human brains better and include diet, exercise, challenge, newness, and love. Marion, through the study of Einstein’s brain, established that the brain can change with experience and improve with nutrition. Moreover, a comparative analysis of the cerebral cortex of Einstein’s brain showed that glia cells which can be enriched by exercise contributed to his admirable intelligence level (Kentner et al., 2019). The study of her experimental rats revealed that immune-deficient mice had a bilateral deficient dorsal lateral frontal cortex.

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