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Western culture penetrating the cultural fabric of UAE (Essay Sample)

how has the Western culture penetrated the cultural fabric of UAE source..
Western culture penetrating the cultural fabric of UAE Students Name Affiliate Institution Course Code Date As a result of the unification of the new people-media, Emirati culture has been affected in a manner that the people’s way of life has since become intertwined with electronic habits. For instance, the change or roles among men and women in the society including the elder sons in various families has been encouraged by the western culture as seen on social media. The new cultural wave has also revolutionized the imagery in the Middle East, this has resulted to a dramatic metamorphism that has since reduced the importance of face to face relationship within the tribe/ within family members and the manner in which religious values are perceived within the society. The research work enlightens the society of its eradicating cultural values to the western cultures and the exchange of roles within a short span of two generations. Through the research, the current generation also comes to terms with the effects of social media and the manner in which it has hastily affected UAE traditional norms. The media presents a challenge to the society’s foundation, among the merits mentioned include; With only two generations removed the contemporary generation have neglected their culture, for instance, majority of people today tend to buy designer clothes, brand name accessories and designer perfumes abandoning the bare cobblestone of the non-air-conditioned and humid marketplace for at the comfort of the modern shopping center. Through this, the author further illustrates that today’s man has also abandoned the Bedouin virtues of self-efficiency and the tribes and families social bonds, through social media we see that this has made Emiratis abandon localized culture (This the author compares with the increasing loyalties towards material possessions). Nevertheless, the general population has also moved from a neighborhood that is based on kinship (identified as the free) to suburban villas or high-rise apartments that are walled off from the neighbors. The outlying emirates such as Umm Al Quain and Fujairah are threatened with slowed depopulation as the younger generation relocates to the large urban areas for the greater economic opportunity – they are trying to raise or even remain at par with other celebrities as they see on social media. As a result of the changes brought about by social media, jobs have also changed from the types that are performed by many members of a family and tribe working hand in hand in close association to the type held by a single individual working within a large corporation in the agency or even the private sector within the public sector (Mourtada-Sabbah, 2018). In addition to this, immigration to the city has also made money to be more important; numerous families also don’t produce themselves the items they required before as they did while pastoralists, fishermen or those that they required while practicing date farming. (In a nutshell, the traditional life of the desert sands, oases, and some coastal fishing villages has since been transformed to market exchange). The role of both parents has also dramatically changed with the father's role shifting from that of a patriarch, overseeing his adult sons who are expected to be involved in family management activities such as herding goats or camels to the role of a wage earner or manager of a family business. On the other hand, the mothers are also affected with the fast wave of cultural change, for instance, a typical mother will tend to direct the family’s consumption activities rather than preparing meals on her own. They also no longer make baskets and mats woven from pal leave rather they chose from a wide plethora of goods imported that the family consumes (Alsharekh and Springborg, 2012). From the research, we see that the authors are trying to bring out a comparison of the previous Emiratis cult...
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