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Comparison of Confucianism and Buddhism Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


Comparison of Confucianism and Buddhism


Question 2: Comparison of Confucianism and Buddhism
Confucianism and Buddhism are among the three main religions in China. However, it is noteworthy that the two religions hail from different places, one from China and another one from India. The teachings of Confucius remain similar to Buddhist teachings since they encourage their followers to question whatever they are told to help them learn. Although Buddhism is a foreign religion that was introduced from India, it has over the years been integrated into the Chinese culture. These two religious systems focus on the analysis of various issues such as human life, character, nature, ideal, and value, among other ethical ideologies.
This paper offers analysis by comparing Confucianism and Buddhism as an ethical system that is different and similar at the same time. To begin with, Confucianism is simply a philosophy of life that emphasizes morality, human behavior, and social responsibility of man. Conversely, Buddhism emphasizes the ideology of individual moral cultivation with the aim of becoming a perfect individual. According to a Chinese Philosopher known as Fung Yulan, "All the two religions roam within the bounds of society; Confucianism appears to be worldlier compared to Buddhism." However, these two religions have for many years, rivaled each other in terms of worldliness and other-worldliness. Nevertheless, the most vital thing is that they have also complimented each other. Since the ideology of Confucianism barely speaks so much about life and death, it left room for Buddhism to grow in China. During the period,

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