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Ethical Issues in Imposing Religion on Children (Essay Sample)


This task involved writing an undergraduate-level essay on the question: Is it ethical to impose religious beliefs on children? The instructions were to derive a precise argument about parents’ discretion in developing the religious views of their children. Further, the paper’s required formatting and citing style was APA 7th with at least two peer-reviewed sources.


Ethical Issues in Imposing Religion on Children
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Ethical Issues in Imposing Religion on Children
Parental religiosity invariably predicts child and adolescent religiosity, given the significant influence of parenting on children’s religious views. The argument against imposing spirituality on a child is grounded on the understanding that such imposition is usually carried out on the pretense of moral duty. However, raising children under specific religious values should be associated with personal dedication and love. In similar fashion, adults should not deliberately enforce secular beliefs on young ones. While parents are obligated to guide their children, imposing religion on minors is unethical because it negatively affects their general attitude towards science.
Principally, forcing children to adhere to certain religious norms is unethical as it potentially destabilizes children’s ability and willingness to pursue and obtain science literacy. Incorporating spiritual opinions on parenting has an adverse impact on children’s attitudes towards science (McPhetres & Zuckerman, 2018). Mandatory church attendance, for example, preconditions children to prioritize spirituality in their daily lives and, by extension, their interactions with the world. Although religiousness and spirituality play a significant role in shaping childbearing and rearing (Mahoney & Boyatzi, 2019), parents should offer their children the alternative of secularity. Also, parents who are agnostic or atheists should not impose their beliefs on young ones.
In conclusion, the religious indoctrination of children by their parents is unethical as it negatively influences their attitudes towards objectivity. While parents may feel that subjecting their children to religious values prepares the latter to becom

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