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Reflection on the Movie "The Shack" (Essay Sample)


Answer the following questions on the book or movie "The Shack" by William Paul Young (paper must be double spaced, approximately 600 words, typed):
* How does "The Shack" give us glimpses of what heaven will be like (or at least, Young's version of heaven)? Do you agree with Young's idea of heaven? Why or why not?
* What do you think of Young's portrayal of the Trinity? What do you like/dislike about how he portrays each of the three Persons of the Trinity? Can you relate to the Persons of the Trinity as Young depicts them? Do you think others can relate to them?


The Shack
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How does "The Shack" give us glimpses of what heaven will be like (or at least Young's version of heaven)? Do you agree with Young's idea of heaven? Why or why not?
The glimpse of heaven described by the writer infers realities in this world and future possibilities explored in The Shack. Paul Young had no intention of revealing the path to paradise to anybody. Rather than relying on the media, he encouraged people to turn to the Bible. He wanted people to understand that heaven is a genuine, albeit ethereal, reality (Hazeldine, 2017). Paul Young wanted to depict God in a way people would not expect because God is much greater than we can comprehend or understand. Rather than telling the people how to get there, Young’s purpose was to make them desire God’s paradise. Paul Young accomplished his job, and it is up to us to follow suit. They discuss how God is often depicted as an older man with white hair, like Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings. Although Sarayu is described as a "small, unmistakably Asian lady" in The Shack, Papa is described 

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