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Religion & Theology
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Religion Faith Reading Theology Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Explain religion and discuss the arguments for and against it


Faith Reading
Christianity and Jesus Christ are the most important phenomena in the lives of Christians. They worship God the Son, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. In Christianity, the Bible is the Holy Book. It is a more dominant religion in various parts of Africa, especially sub-Saharan, Latin America, the whole of North America, Australia, and New Zealand, Europe, and partly Asia. It is, therefore, a religion with a large number of following. It works on the belief that Jesus Christ will come for the second time to liberate the church. In this regard, the church strives to teach and guide its members to live according to Christianity and others' principles. The principles work hand in hand with Moses's laws in the Old Testament and those in the New Testament.
Some level all manner of criticism against the religion. There are those people who support Christianity and Jesus Christ's values and principles and others who oppose them strongly. The critics are the non-worshippers of any religion and the worshippers of the rival religion. They argue that Christianity and Jesus Christ fail on various aspects of Christianity. There are those people who sat down and came up with the literature on Christianity and Jesus Christ. For instance, there are books such as Mere Christianity, Age of Reason, and Why I'm Not a Christian (Emerson, 2015).
In the book Mere Christianity, there are four sections called Books. They are arranged from Book 1 to 4. For instance, Book I: Right and Wrong as a Clue to the Meaning of Universe, Book II: What Christians do Believe, Book III: Christian Behavior, and Book IV: Beyond Personality: First Steps in the Doctrine of the Trinity. In it, the author, C. S. Lewis, explains that Christianity is the best religion. He defends it by depicting theology as the foundation upon which the various values of Christianity are based. He begins his work by explaining that the natural should and must exist. Thus, human beings cannot modify it in the way but rather must conform to its standards. They cannot thus run away from the influences that come with it (Emerson, 2015).

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