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Religion & Theology
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Theology Religion & Theology Essay Research Paper Coursework (Essay Sample)


Discuss theology.Your past experiences in theology.What you expect to come out of in this course apart from grades.


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The simplest definition of theology is that it is the study of God and His relation to the world. However, theology can be defined as the study of religion, its practices and experiences. Theology includes the study of divinity; religious beliefs of people and its study directs a person in the spiritual path. Theology is an academic discipline which is widely taught in various institutions; it deals with analyzing God, who is a supernatural being we believe to have created the earth together with everything in it, furthermore it seeks to address questions of revelation. Revelation is simply the acceptance of God or otherwise the holy trinity or deity not only as transcendent but also as a being able to interact with the natural world. Generally, theology helps us to understand various concepts of life for instance, love, life; this helps the believers to live lives obedient to God and worship Him. In Christian Theology; the Bible is a holy book which has the commandments of God and also is the directive to all believers on the way they should be living their lives. Finally, I can say that Theology is Scriptural, Christ- aligned and all-inclusive is the one revealed by God in the Bible.

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