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Abolition of Private Prisons (Essay Sample)


Argumentative research paper:
Topic: Privatized prisons in the United States, and why they should be abolished.
Talking points:
• When did privatized prisons come into existence?
• Who are the companies running the privatized prisons in the United States of America?
• Are private prisons truly cost savings for taxpayers?
• What effects has privatized prisons had on judicial prison sentencing, length of imprisonments and recurring incarceration rates?
• What government and corporate corrupted is associate the privatized prison system?
• Is a for-profit prison system ethical?
Essay structure:
1. Introductory Paragraph (topic + context + thesis)
2. Background information
3. Your Argument
4. Counterarguments, identify and explain at least three opposing viewpoints, the rebuttal the opposing viewpoints.
5. Concluding Paragraph
6. References


Abolition of Private Prisons
Student Name
Abolition of Private Prisons Outline
1 Topic: Abolition of private prisons.
2 Thesis Statement: The thesis states that private prisons should be abolished as their economic model leads to increased incarceration rates, longer lengths of prison stay, and increased recidivism levels.
3 Arguments For
* Main Point 1: Effect of Private Prisons on Judicial Prison Sentencing, Length of Prison Stay, and Recurring Incarceration Rates
* Private prisons result in a rise in the number of people detained and the prolonged length of their incarceration.
* For-profit prisons rely on full occupancy levels to be economically viable; thus, courts increase the incarceration rate and length of prisoner's stay to eliminate empty beds, which adds to government costs.
* Main Point 2: Conflict of Interest between Inmates and Shareholders
* This conflict of interest shows that for-profit prisons serve the shareholders instead of the innates.
* Private prison companies are publicly-traded; therefore, their stock fluctuates or increases based on projections of the number of people the judicial system will incarcerate.
* Main Point 3: Increased Recidivism Rates
* For-profit prisons provide fewer opportunities for prisoners regarding education and rehabilitative efforts.
* The high recidivism rate shows that the private prison system is incapable of reducing recidivism as they are the greatest beneficiaries of people going back to prison.
* Main point 4: Decreased Safety in Private Prisons
* Private prisons decrease personnel costs and training, putting inmates' safety at risk.
* Private prison companies pay their officers reduced compensation and have higher inmate-to-staff ratios, thus negatively affecting inmates' life quality.

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