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Abortion, Gender, And International Organizations Social Essay (Essay Sample)


THe paper was centered on the theme of abortion, gender and international organizations. Should abortion be legal and which gender should ideally have a voice on whether it is okay to abort or not. Additionally are international organizations playing a positive or negative role in their actions on abortion and equality.


Abortion, Gender, And International Organizations
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Abortion, Gender, and International Organizations
Abortion Politics
On the topic of reproductive health, the issue of abortion has been delicate over time, sparking many debates, whether it should be legal or illegal. Both sides of the debate have raised good points regarding the issue. For instance, some say it should be unlawful because it violates the unborn child’s right to life. Others say it should be illegal because in some cases, the circumstances of the pregnancy could be as a result of rape or the pregnancy could endanger the mother’s life hence necessitating its termination (Alana Jeydel and Sarah Henderson 2010). Many countries around the world have different approaches to the issue and reproductive health in general.
Abortion should be both legal and illegal, depending on the circumstances. Laws should be put in place to guide people on when it can happen and when it cannot like in the case of Ireland and the United States. Some areas do not have stringent abortion laws allowing it to happen upon demand like the Netherlands. It could be dangerous to leave abortion unregulated because it gives access even to those without adequate knowledge of the implications of the act. Severely restricting abortion could also mean that some people will attempt to do it anyway, and due to fear of the law, it is done by people without proper skills and in conditions that do not meet medical standards

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