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An Evaluation of the Practical Applications of the Situational Crime Prevention Framework (Essay Sample)


THE Situational Crime Prevention Framework and three real life practical examples of its application


An Evaluation of the Practical Applications of the Situational Crime Prevention Framework
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An Evaluation of the Practical Applications of the Situational Crime Prevention Framework
Situational crime prevention (SCP), rather than trying to change offender motivation or self-control, focuses on more simplistic and practical elements; the situational details such as a sense of risk, effort, and reward can affect the decision to commit crime. Alterations in everyday life changes the supply and demand dynamics. Similarly changes in crime distribution might result in perpetrators of crime coming into close contact with crime targets where the reward is high and the risks are low. SCP aims to reduce crime by employing five techniques namely reduction in reward, increase in difficulty, increase in effort, reduction in provocation, and removal of excuses (Bullock, Clarke, & Tilley, 2010). Evidence shows that these techniques hold real promise in this regard (Clarke, 2009). Three specific real world examples of SCP measures in action are discussed here and the feasibility of each one is evaluated to ascertain the effectiveness of these security techniques in reducing crime.
Situational Prevention in the Context of Domestic Violence
After a high number of domestic violence cases in Australia in 2014-2015, Prenzler and Fardell (2017) examined the role of the security industry in crime prevention by organizing an international search for domestic violence cases associated with security applications. Indeed, Bullock et al. (2010) asserts that strengthening formal surveillance measures that come under the category of “Increase in risks” of the five techniques of SCP, have a high potential of preventing crime. Moreover, an analysis of security-based programs to bring about a reduction in the number of repeat domestic violence cases provides strong evidence of the success of security systems in decreasing violence; there are several such real world initiatives that provide evidence for this success.

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