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New Deal and the Great Society. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


the paper seeks to whether application of the new deal and the great society campaign had solved the inequalities in the united states of america


New Deal and the Great Society
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New Deal and the Great Society
In their article, Kantor & Lowe (1995) present an argument on how the American social policy has failed in delivering racial equality and combating poverty. The authors note that past federal government regimes have focused on funding education to usher in the much desired change. In his lecture, Katznelson (2005a) addresses how racism imposes itself on social policies further widening the prevailing inequality. In particular, the professor points that the level of unemployment among the white and Negro community was almost at par during the Second World War. However, the rate among the African Americans ended doubling in a span of two decades. This disparity is therefore directly attributable to the bad policies that amplify social and economic injustice.

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