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How pets improve the life of children. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Write an essay o how pets affect the life of people


How Pets Improve the Lives of Children
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How Pets Improve the Lives of Children
Human beings are social beings. For one reason or the other, they prefer to live in social groups. Studies have shown that pets form a vital part of these social groups. In fact, as the global populations of human beings continues to increase over the years, so is the population of pets. Some of the most popular animals that people keep as pets include dogs, cats, and fish. However, dogs are the most loved pets across the world. The relationship between human beings and their pets is very close. In fact, people consider them to be part of their families. For example, 90% of Americans consider their pets to be part of their families, which explains why they spend over $50 billion on their pets annually. Studies have shown that the relationship between pets and human beings is symbiotic. While pets enjoy provisions and security, human beings benefit from their loyalty, secrecy and security. These advantages are extended to their children. In fact, research shows that pets influence noble characteristics in children such as kindness, empathy and intelligence when children look after them.

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