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Emerging Issues of Climate Change and Individual Responsibility of Climate Change (Essay Sample)


Emerging Issues of Climate Change and Individual Responsibility of Climate Change


Emerging Issues of Climate Change and Individual Responsibility of Climate Change
Student’s Name
Section A: Short Critical Reflections
Climate Change: Evidence, Impacts and Choices
Climate denotes average weather experienced in a given area over a long period of time. The latter involves description of moderate temperature in different seasons, rainfall and sunshine. According to World Meteorological Organization, classical period for illustrating climate is thirty years. Climate change is the systematic shift in climatic variables such as temperature, wind, precipitation or wind sustained over several decades. It can be attributed to natural external impacts such as changes in solar emissions, changes in earth’s orbit and innate internal processes of the climatic system. It can also be induced by human activities (Donald, 2010).
Based on information from the excerpt I agree that changes in climatic conditions in the 21st century are caused by human activities such as burning of fossil fuels. Data recorded by scientists since 1880 show that the Earth’s average surface temperature has increased by more than 0.8 degrees Celsius over the past century, with much of the increment having taken place over the past thirty five years. The latter has been attributed to global warming effect caused by increase in emission of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide) into the atmosphere (Linda, 2015).

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