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The relation between Violent Video Games and Youth Violence (Essay Sample)


The assignment required us to write a two-page essay on the following conventional debates: Do video games contribute to the increase in violence among young people?


Do video games contribute to the increase in violence among young people?
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The relation between Violent Video Games and Youth Violence
Scientists are on the tail of one of principal parental concern on social media: Violent video games and their effects on actual hostility. Various sources give diversified definitions of the games, with guns, explosives, fights, races, bullying, killing, and weaponry being the common factors. The sources also show a boom in the hosting industry due to the high percentages of youth participation (Ferguson, 2018). The youth affiliation, on the other hand, initiates theories attempting to link violence to the games. Despite the allegations, analysis of supporting publications, federal and constitutional policies, and extensive database queries shows an insignificant relationship.
Publications claiming a correlation between the games and violence among the youth are falsified. Ferguson argues that investigations fail to monitor the youth's behavior over the standard research period (2018). 

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