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Development Theories. Cultural Factors Influencing Delinquency over Time (Essay Sample)


The task was to argue out how individuals development affects their BEHAVIOR. This sample attempts to link childhood development to juvenile delinquency


Developmental Theories
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Developmental Theories
Developmental theories seek to explain the cognitive development and intellectual growth that happens at different stages of life. Childhood progress, in particular, is a major area focus for developmental theories as this is the age where one learns how to think and reason. Besides, their social and emotional development is affected by the biological, psychological, and environmental factors. From the need for survival to that of self-actualization, a child’s outlook on life is affected by the culture they grow in. Due to increasing cases of juvenile delinquency, researchers have developed interest on how childhood development affects behavior. Social, emotional, and cognitive growth greatly determines how children learn, and act. To understand why minors commit crime, research has pointed several factors including age, race, gender and culture as possible influencers on cases of delinquency.

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