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Becoming a professional. On Campus Student Organization (Essay Sample)


The task was to write whether joining a professional body would help in career progress. the sample is about joining Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) , and the impact it would have on someones career as a family and consumer science student.


Student’s Name
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Becoming a Professional
Pursuing a career in the hotel and hospitality industry is a challenging yet an exciting journey. To begin with, there are numerous positions that one can hold in the industry. Right from the entry-level jobs as a cook, baker or waiter, to the ultimate career progression into an executive chef or as a restaurant manager, the possibilities are endless. One of the impressive things about this career is that it hands one a creative license literally as every day comes with its fair package of new experience. Besides, the gratification derived from spending your time in the kitchen preparing culinary delights or supervising the preparation and presentation of meals is instant or near instant and one ends becoming part of a family. Nevertheless, the journey to becoming a professional in any field requires inspiration of those ahead and support from peers. This includes support from on campus student organizations as well as professional certification.

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