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Arguments Presented in "A Defense of Abortion" by Judith Jarvis Thomson (Essay Sample)


Analyze and evaluate the main arguments presented in "A Defense of Abortion" by Judith Jarvis Thomson.
Provide a brief summary of the main thesis and argument presented by Judith Jarvis Thomson in "A Defense of Abortion".
Evaluate the analogy of the violinist and its relevance to the abortion debate.
Analyze Thomson's use of the concept of personhood in the argument for abortion rights.
Evaluate the counter-arguments presented by Thomson, including the rights of the fetus and the responsibility of the mother.
Discuss the implications of Thomson's arguments for the abortion debate and women's reproductive rights.
Use proper academic language and provide references to support your answer.


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A Defense of Abortion by Thomson
Stella Browne, an early feminist activist, fought to expand access to abortion. It has been said that "A Defense of Abortion" by Thomson (T) is "the most commonly reprinted article in all of contemporary philosophy" due to its creative examples and contentious conclusions.
T does not believe that the conceptus (a neutral term for a fetus) is a person at the time of conception any more than an acorn is an oak tree. For the sake of argument, however, she will concede this point and then inquire as to whether or not the prohibition of abortion necessarily follows.
The anti-abortion argument assumes that the fetus is a person and continues as follows:
Each individual has the inherent right to stay alive. It follows that the foetus has a right to life. Everyone agrees that a mother has the absolute right to control what happens inside her own body. The mother's right to autonomy over her own body is certainly not absolute, and it is clearly outweighed by the greater and more fundamental right to life. Therefore, it is illegal to terminate a pregnancy by killing the fetus.
In response, T offers a hypothetical scenario:
A famous but unaware musician is sleeping next to you when you awake. A well-known violinist who is currently out of his or her mind. He has been diagnosed with a terminal kidney disease, and after reviewing all of the relevant medical records, the Society of Music Lovers has determined that only you have the appropriate blood type to save his life. Toxins in the violinist's bloodstream needed to be filtered out, so that's why they kidnapped you. There is a risk of death [if he is disconnected from you at this time], but after nine months he will be fully recovered 

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