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Gender Stratifications (Essay Sample)


1)to discuss How gender roles and gender expectations affect opportunity in education or the workplace.
2) to illustrate how they affect men and women within the domestic sphere (aka the home)?
3) discuss How gender roles and gender expectations affect members of the LGBTQIA+ community?
4) Provide recommendations related to ways these gender stratifications could begin to be remedied.


Gender Stratifications
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Gender Stratifications
Gender roles and expectations affect opportunity in education since they create perceptions that one gender is better than another. For instance, boys are usually rated better than girls in subjects such as engineering, mathematics, science, and technology (Nduagbo, 2020). In addition, gender expectations influence the choices that both parents and teachers make for children in relation to the course they should select. Thus, majority of female students are likely to select courses that are regarded as easy to handle.
In addition, gender roles and expectation influence the selection of tasks that should be carried

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