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Sexual Assault in the Military (Essay Sample)


the task was aimed at discussing the reasons sexual assault occurs in the military.
In addition, the task required one to discuss the whether the current approach to training reduces or increases the risk of sexual assault and harassment.
Finally, i was required to provide recommendations that can be adopted to end sexual violence.


Sexual Assault in the Army
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Sexual Assault in the Army
Cases of sexual assaults and sexual harassment in the military are still prevalent to date, and the issue needs to be addressed since it has an adverse impact on the mental and wellbeing of affected service men and women. Statistics indicate that in 2021, there was an increase of 13% in reports related to sexual assault in the US military (CBS, 2021). Markedly, there are incidences that are not reported due to shame and stigma, and this implies that the rates of sexual assault could be even higher than indicated in statistics. Among the cases that are reported, women are the most affected victims (Everhart, 2020). Despite the presence of programs such as SHARP being implemented in the military to address cases of sexual assault and harassment, relevant and urgent changes are needed to curb the factors that contribute to the vice.
One factor that contributes to sexual assault in the Army is organizational culture. Bourke (2022) found that the military’s culture is characterized by dominance, routine, and awarding aggression. In addition, the culture of masculinity is highly encouraged in the Army, and this compels some victims of sexual assault to endure different kinds of hardships 

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