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Collegiate Wrestler Reflective Essay (Essay Sample)


This essay was about common experiences in collegiate wrestling in college and their association with the sport in life. The purpose of this essay is to express the struggles, appreciation, and challenges over a formative time in life involving collegiate wrestling. The essay is intended to present experiences in collegiate wrestling without any. It also covers how collegiate wrestling provided an outlet for personal identities to be explored during times of transition. It examines what wrestling did for them and how wrestling made them better people than they were prior to their involvement.
The work demonstrated how wrestling could be both a blessing and a curse. The writers provided some context for each of these, including the importance of having someone to hang on to during rough periods and some advice for future wrestlers. There is also advice for parents of college wrestlers or even younger children who are wrestling now. It also showed the meaningfulness of the sport in relationship to others.
The essay expresses the importance of wrestling, both at school and in life, but also want to provide some additional insight into the process of wrestling and the pain accompanying it. The reason for wrestling is presented positively and shows the benefits of the sport. The main message was the concept of sacrifice in relationships, both in life and in collegiate wrestling, which not only involved sacrifice from the wrestlers but also from families.
This essay is written for many different types of people, including family members or young children interested in the sport due to their positive attitude towards it. However, it can be useful for students who are wrestling to see how others have experienced similar hardships and why they continue. The essay will also be useful for those who have had a positive experience with wrestling and would like to reinforce the reasons behind it.


Collegiate Wrestler Reflective Essay
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Collegiate Wrestler Reflective Essay
As I sit down to reflect on my time in my early years in University as a collegiate wrestler, I am hardly fully sandwiched in the academic system of the institution and I am already involved in one of its major sports competitions. This brought a lot of pressure to my academic performances whereby I ended up mostly dropping in my academic grades but performing in my academic sports activities and acquiring unimaginable fame. Although being famous at such a young age and junior years on the campus came with a lot of benefits, it also required hard work, commitment, and losses like academic losses incurred (Bigsby and Ohlman, 2017). This made it difficult to attain greatness and excellence in both academic and sports affairs and thus required sacrificing one of them and as a teenager, I chose to go with the latter. This made me venture deep into the sport and put all my commitment into it even though it offered no other huge trophies other than fame mostly as the inter-university competitions had less valuable trophies. At present point, I have some well-needed practical necessities like the art of self-defense and also maintaining my physique and healthy body but it also has its dangers like being a lethal weapon and time-wasting with no income.
Truth be told, I miss commitment in those energetic days in collegiate wrestling which enabled me to grow physically and mentally and build my self-esteem and trust in me which later helped me achieve more in life. Being a professional collegiate wrestler necessitated more reasoning in conflict resolution especially with a non-professional opponent which has made my decision-making grow to what has made me successful in many cases now in life. The healthy diet needed for being a professional collegiate wrestler made me eat healthily in turn making me mostly immune to illnesses become a health factor in my life. Its C.V enabled my progress also in other academic issues as I was recommendable through the sporting activity even though I was average performing in academic studies. A career in college wrestling made me humble myself for what is to come later in life as I got used to wins and losses as a part of the growth in it assisting me, later on, to cope with life hurdles and manage better success.
Campus wrestling in combination with my extensive extracurricular activities made me an undisputed champion in our campus for a couple of years making me a renowned student figure in the institution. This brought a lot of benefits to my table as I was able to acquire scholarships through it from different organizations. Sponsorship deals also came through which helped with both my academic and other finances on the campus smoothening life for me. I was also able to escape severe punishments during my troublemaking at that time due to it enabling me to continue my academic studies even though on a rough path. The experience I obtained from being a collegiate wrestler not only enabled me to gain extensive knowledge in various areas but also enabled me to be an overall better, reasoning and more critical person and professional.
I am a very fortunate athlete who had a successful career on campus which made me glow in every sector and be the center of the spotlight for such a young man of my age at that time. Looking to pursue an advanced master's degree in the field of Economics, the good C.V in the sports activity helped me achieve easy permission and support to pursue my further studies (Mata, 2020). Even though my wrestling career ended badly when I broke several ribs in a competition which turned out fatal, my reputation which had already preceded for several years helped me achieve many recommendations academically offering me better opportunities. It helped me lubricate my academic progress as many contributions were availed to me after the fatal accident which enabled me to rise again but from a different angle of academics. The success I got in academics through hard work and commitment qualities I achieved from collegiate wrestling has helped me to establish myself.
What I learned from the hard work qualities and commitment I got from College wrestling helped me in various ways in life mostly positively even though negativities were experienced also. I got to acquaint myself with hardworking and committed people ever since I adopted the career to my end in it henceforth which helped me to be focused due to the driven motivation by those around me championing my wrestling and academic success later on (Haroldson, 2021). Even though hard work and commitment seemed advantageous to my career, the addiction and obsession with the sport made me drop in academic performances and getting involved with harmful activities which could sour up any day as they did in the future. Dedication towards the sport ruined my interest in other things as I was committed and when things went sideways I was the party affected the most as I was not diverse but focused on one thing.
Furthermore, campus wrestling saw me invest a lot of time in a non-profit sports activity which was mostly wasting my academic time and only gaining my fame. Through hard work, I became more and more advanced in sports activity elevating my campus to the national level in terms of the sport as I was a natural gem. My growth in the sport made me work extra hard which has assisted my future performance in other fields to the commitment attitude I developed from it. My competence has been very high in the field of economics in facing stiff competition, decision making, and optimal performance under a lot of pressure as I am used to such an environment of competition and pressure. The hard work trait I exhibit in my assigned duties is evident due to the gradual development, motivation, and perfection abilities obtained from the sport I was a champion in years back.

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